Friday, March 20, 2009

Luscious Lavender

I have found another chocolate bar that sparked my interest. It is from Dagoba and while it is not a great chocolate on its own, it does have a great snap and pairs really well with the lavender flavor.

I have friends who say the lavender flavor is reminiscent of soap scent (I'm paraphrasing of course) And while I have similar feelings about raw ginger. I find the flavor of lavender with chocolate soothing and unique as it melts. This chocolate does not have the best mouth feel,
but is not waxy. It just takes a while melt in your mouth, which I can't attribute to being a dark chocolate because I have had other dark chocolates that have good snap and still melt reasonably quickly and smoothly.

I haven't said much about the blueberry part of this bar, because the blueberry just doesn't stand out much at all. I only notice that there are dried little blueberries in it, because it says so on the wrapper . Even though blueberries and cranberries are close to the same size when they are fresh and ripe, the berries in this bar are much smaller and not at all chewy than any dried cranberries I've seen.

From the senses point of view,
These are my ratings 1- 10, 10 high.
Sight - 8.5.... Looks good no bloom, air bubbles, or mars to the bar. It doesn't have the high sheen of nicely tempered chocolate, but that could be from any number of understandable reasons even when perfectly tempered.
Sound - 10..... great snap, great sound, shows good temper.
Scent - 9 ... I really like the lavender mixed with chocolate.
Taste - 8.5 ... it is a very specific taste, probably not for everyone.
Mouth feel - 6 ... it seems just off, takes too long to melt, lacks any creaminess, even any from cocoa butter.

Total points - 42
Over-all rating - 8.4

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